How do I record in the same midi event?

Hi. I have a couple of questions. Thank you in advance for the answers.

  1. Is there a way to record into the same midi event? Right now I’m recording a few notes, then a few more, then a few more to make a single melody. Every time I record it creates a new midi event and then I have to highlight everything and hit “bounce midi”. In 5.1 I was able to record this way when the piano roll was open but doing this in 9.5 doesn’t work. Is there a setting in preferences that I’m not seeing?

  2. Is there a way to create a preset out of a series of folder of instruments with midi data? To elaborate, I created an awesome drum kit / loop for my style of music consisting of 5 instances of Battery for each element (kick, hats, snares, etc). I have them all compressed /processed on the channel level and a basic midi pattern for each. Right now I’m copying the folder from another song and pasting it into the new song but I am wondering if there is a way to make this group appear (say) on the media bay window so I can just drag it in. I hope I’m explaining this properly.

Thanks guys!


1a) In the MIDI Record Modes, select “Merge” in the MIDI Normal Recording area.
1b) Open the Key Editor with already recorded MIDI Data. Enable Record in Editor. (Make sure you don’t click back to the Project area). Start Record.

  1. In Nuendo, you can create Clip Package. In Cubase, you could use Import from project.