How do I record manually tapped MIDI?

Any help would be appreciated and if you are going to say something like “read the manual” then don’t say it, ok?

So I know that this can be done since I have done it 2 years back. I have this song the drums of which don’t go along a constant tempo but it’s varying along the song. So I need to make a Tempo Map by tapping the MIDI notes in and merging the tempo from that.

So I selected a MIDI instrument Groove Agent One and I put some drum map on. Then I pressed the record enable-button from that MIDI track and put the song playing (song was on the audio track, naturally). Then at some point I press *-button to start recording. After tapping some notes in when I hit spacebar, the MIDI event that Cubase seems to be drawing, just disappears. And I don’t even know whether it’s actually recording anything… Probably not.

So how can I easily record MIDI notes in some way?? Maybe with GA One or somehow else. I can’t remember… Please heeeeeeeelp!!


Correct - if the part disappears, it does not record anything.

So how can I easily record MIDI notes in some way??

Connect the MIDI device, which you don´t mention, to your MIDI interface, which you don´t mention, and make the correct settings in your software, which you don´t mention…

I assume you’re going off the instructions from page 469.

From your description it would seem the real problem is that you aren’t able to record MIDI. Am I missing something?

Can you play it back and hear a part being played…say “snare” or whatever you recorded? Drum map notes, when viewed in the MIDI editor will look very small sometimes, almost invisible if they do not have any length. Drum notes don’t necessarily need a length since the release is usually set to infinity.

Is the MIDI input of your MIDI track set to receive from the device that your MIDI keyboard is plugged into? Very similar to setting up the audio in of an audio track…

You’ll hear the drum notes from GA playing back if you have it set up right, and if the monitor button is engaged.

Did you set the locators right?

Just to be clear, don’t tap it in with the spacebar (which will hijack the transport!)…instead actually play a part in on the MIDI track with a MIDI controller. Tapping with the spacebar is a totally separate activity inside the Beat Calculator, and that’s not what you want to do here. I might have read your post wrong, sorry if so :slight_smile: