How do I record midi as audio simultaneously?

I know someplace at sometime I saw a video where midi was recorded simultaneously as midi and audio. Can someone explain to me how that is done?

Thank you.

Aloha l

Not sure if this is what you mean but when I record for example a keyboardist,

1-Take a direct audio out from the keyboard and plug that into an audio interface and then onto a Cubase audio track.

2-If the keyboard has a MIDI out (either USB or DIN) plug a cable into the keyboard MIDI out
and plug the other end into a MIDI interface and then on to a MIDI track in Cubase.

3-‘Arm’ both tracks and press ‘record’.
You are now recording audio and MIDI info at the same time.

There is another way of using an Instrument track routed to an audio track by using ‘dummy busses’ etc.
Is this what you mean?

Good luck!

Thank you for your response.

It’s not quite what I was looking for. I’m using a USB input device.

Do you think the “dummy” route is the way to go?

Thank you for your time.