How do I record Midi Output from a VST instrument?

I am using Cubase 6 which cannot record Midi out from a vst instrument.

I know earlier versions of Cubase could do this.

Does anyone have any tips on how to make this work in C6


John Heath

Of course Cubase 6 can do this. It does depend on the instrument, however.
If the instrument has a MIDI out feature, activate it. Create a MIDI track in Cubase. Assign the input of that MIDI track to the output of the instrument. Record enable the MIDI track. Press record.
Hope this helps.

Aloha J, help me out. I’m not sure I understand this prob.

Will the outgoing MIDI info (from the VSTI) be the exactly same info
as what is going into the VSTI or does the VSTI alter the incoming MIDI info
before sending it out?

If the MIDI info is the same going in as coming out,
you could just duplicate the MIDI track (in the project window)
and send the second stream of MIDI info to a totally different VSTI.

HTH (hope this helps)

BTW I’m not sure if any of my VSTI’s have ‘MIDI OUT’.
I’ll have to check on that and see sup-wit-dat.

Thanks for your replies guys.

The VST’s I am trying to achieve this, do have midi out, and yes, it did work in earlier versions of Cubase, but not in Cubase 6

I have drum VST’s and Bass vst, that I could record “midi out” in Cubase 4 I think, but no longer works in C6.

Reaper can achieve this, but Cubase cannot.


As I said earlier, Cubase 6 CAN do tis. I have done it multiple times with Jamstix, Reaktor, and Battery.
If you post more details (perhaps a screenshot) we can figure it out.
EDIT: Are you using an Instrument track by chance? If so, you need to use a MIDI track and load the instrument in the VST Rack.

Hi jaslan

Thanks for sticking with me on this.
I see you are a Jamstix user, I have been a user from day one also. What a great vst instrument it is.

You are correct, it does work with Jamstix, it is just that I have never tried it in JS, because of the
great editing capabilities within Jamstix.

The VST I have been trying this, is “Broomstick Bass” which again is a super VST, but no longer supported and therefore so cheap these days.
So obviously the problem is Broomstick Bass.

Again, many thanks for your input


OK. Well, if Broomstick Bass worked on an older version of Cubase (MIDI out, that is) it SHOULD work on Cubase 6. One thing that comes to mind is the BitBridge. Is it a 32 bit VST and your Cubase 64 bit? If so, the bridging process may be breaking the MIDI out (this was happening with Jamstix bridged to Cubase until they got a 64 bit Jamstix version out). If that is the case, jBridge may be a solution, or install the 32 bit version of Cubase.