How do I record more than 2 channels?

Does anyone know how to record more than 2 channels through vst connect pro?
I am thinking that it has something to do with the input channels, but I don’t know where and how to change it.

I am recording a friend with a 2 channel input, however I want to route things so that a mic is connected to his channel 1, and then
I want to connect a guitar on channel 2, but then I want another track and route the guitar signal to this track aswell. But then I only put
a guitar amplifier simulator on one of the guitar channels so that I have one distorted guitar channel and one clean. Then I want to be able to record all these three channels. I manage to create a third channel in the vst connect window, but everything seems to be routed through the master stereo in vst connect. How do I access the individual tracks in vst connect from cubase so that I can record them individually?

One more thing. I was very frustrated at first because I did not manage even to just record the clean and the distored guitar signal, however I find a walkaround for that, by using the pan in vst connect. So I panned the first track with the distorted guitar all the way left, and then the channel with the clean guitar all the way right. Then I could connect two mono channels in cubase and just choose the left input from vst connect on one channel and the right input on another, and thus I had one clean and one with effects, great! However, as mentioned above, I would also like the possibility to record his microphone on a third channel, but since there is no 3rd direction to pan things I cannot use this trick in this situation.

Can anyone help me?

Best reagrds,

This is only possible with the PRO version. You should read the manual.
In the VST Connect plugin (Studio side), on top of the Performer Monitor Mixer, in the “Record” section, each channel has its own record enable button (PRO version only). You can select which channels (tracks) to record separately, the stereo master (that is, the stereo mix of the rotary knobs and pan settings in this section) is always recorded. The separate full resolution files can then be retreived with the Manager/Get HD files (click the cogwheel icon on the bottom to access the Manager). That function will create individual tracks for each channel that was record enabled while recording.
If I understand you correctly, you want to re-amp, that is, recording the dry guitar signal along with the processed one or mic from the guitar amp. This is possible like so: record enable all channels that you want to record and start recording (e.g. dry, mic, and vocals). You can mix what you hear in the Studio with the rotary knobs in the record section, this mix will also be recorded as a stereo signal in realtime which you can later remove. When finished recording, apply the Manager/“Get HD files” function and voila - you have all your channels on separate tracks. With the SE version, you can hard pan dry and processed signals for re-amping, but then you cannot record a third track separately - you might use some Karaoke trickery by putting the third signal in the pan middle and separate it later, but I’d rather suggest you buy the VST Connect PRO version instead :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’ve just searching for a relate question.

Thanks musi, I will try that. I do have the PRO version.
Also, Greg Ondo has been making some great tutorials on cubase.
You really should try to get him to do a complete cover of all the features of vst connect
and how to get it to work together with the control room. Both in a situation where
you are tracking vocals, but also specifically guitars, using a software amp, as well as using midi. I think I am starting to get
a hang on it now, so for me it’s almost too late. But it’s been a long way, it’s taken
me since cubase 8.0 to learn this (when you don’t succeed immediately you move on to other
things until you find the energy and time again)