How do i record side chained tracks

Hi ,i understand how to side chain but how do i record the 2 tracks.
So i wish to record an intro for a show.
Music drops when i start speaking,classic ducking technique.
How do i record both these tracks so that i can i have my recorded intro.
Ive been away from cubase for a while and i just cant get my head into how to do this.
Thanks in advance.


If you are on Cubase Pro, you can record from one bus to another one.

Route the track to the Group Channel. Then add an Audio track and set this Group as an Input of the Audio track to record it.

Sorry Martin I am really struggling with this.
I’m confusing myself, should I record my vocal track as a wav file then play that back and use that to trigger the ducking on my music track.
So my vocal track is routed to the music track with side chain compressor on it,do I then route the music track to a group channel then route the group channel to a stereo audio track and record vocal and ducked music on that track,I have not used cubase for a while and I am struggling to get it together.


Do you want to record the ducking music track only or even the vocal track? Do you want to mix them to one audio file?

If you want to record just the ducked music track (because the vocal doesn’t change), do it as you described here:

Not the vocal, just the ducked music. The vocal is not routed to the Group, so it’s not going to be recorded.

Martin as this will be an intro for a show,I would to record the vocals with the music ducking in the background,the vocals volume will be staying at the same level and everything needs to be recorded on to one audio track,
Think of a DJ talking and the music ducks each time he talks,that’s how I want my intro to sound,thanks fof your patience


Then route the music and the vocal track to the Group and record both of them as a mix down. You can also do the Export Audio Mixdown and select the Group channel as the one, you want to export.

Thanks very much Martin,much appreciated