How do I recover Cubase AI license?

Hey, guys.

I installed Cubase AI from my CMC-TP on a (Windows 7) box, and it turns out that the audio won’t support it. I’m going to uninstall it, but of course I don’t want to lose the license.

The licenser help says select the license (this is on the eLicenser rather than a dongle) and then choose Remove, but Remove is greyed out.

Could someone fill me in on how I can remove the authoization / license from this computer so that I can uninstall Cubase and then install / authorize it on a different box?


Hello Chris,

I sent you a PM.


Thanks, man!


I repiied to your DM a day ago and just now checked to find that it’s been sitting in the Outbox (and thus presumably not delivered) for a day.

Any suggestions on why the DM is stuck in the outbox?

Hi Chris,

Mmmm…not sure why that happened. I just replied to your PM though.

Happy I could help!

Computers… what are you gonna do?

Thanks, man. Have a good weekend!