How do I register C7?

I have been a Steinberg product owner for many years. Purchased Nuendo way back when and moved to Cubase when it was version 3 or 4. I’m trying to register C7 on the website but can’t figure out how. I go the the USB elicenser and it asks for my USB eLicenser SN. In enter it and click register products and it tells me this elicenser is already registered. Can’t figure how to register Cubase.

What am I doing wrong?

Is it already registered upon activation?


Open the elicencer control centre and click on “Enter Activation Code”.

Then type in the activation code from your product and behold you are licenced.


Hey, Jenks, thanks for the reply.

But I’m already “licensed”. When you open Cubase for the first time after activating your license, it asks you “would you like to register your product?” So, I go to the registration page and get stuck in the loop that I mentioned.

Perhaps “activating” your product is the same as “registering” your product.

That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

Any thoughts?


Activation and Registration are two different things.

Activation creates a licence for you on your eLicencer (for which you need your activation code and the eLicencer Control Centre).

Registration is about storing information about your eLicencer serial number and some personal details in My Steinberg.

You can activate your software without registering anything with My Steinberg. Though if you do register your USB licencer then the rumour is that if you ever lost it Steinberg might be willing to transfer your licences to a new one.


Hi timmyboylad,

is it possible that your eLicenser is already registered? Then you don’t need to do anything to register your Cubase 7 licence, it happens automatically during the activation. Under your “MySteinberg” account your eLicenser should be listed under “Show Registered Products” -> “YOUR REGISTERED STEINBERG KEYS”. As far as I know it can take some minutes after activation for the licence to shoe up under MySteinberg.

I hope this helps.

Yes, the eLicenser is already registered. So, I’m good. Activating my download of C7 with my registered eLicenser means that C7 is registered.

Thanks, Christian!