How do I remove a page in the middle of a score?

There are many scenarios where this is the only way. Think of collections of pieces where you want to add new pieces from time to time (a choral book for example). Or other open projects which grow with the time (often modern composers are reconstructing there pieces for different occasions). Or think of collcections of pieces for an instrumental school.

If you insist on working a different way, then it might be better to use different software - though I can’t see now InDesign will save you any time here, but that’s your decision not mine!

Which? In all other scoring software I know you can achieve this workflow only by separating the “flows” in individual files and then exporting as graphics and importing for example in InDesign. But this workflow is also be possible with Dorico, I don’t have to go back to other scoring software. But my big hope is that this step - using InDesign - can be omitted.

Perhaps the solution is for In Design to add a music notation module.

Well, we aren’t going to agree about this. If you claim the only way that you can work is incompatible with how Dorico is designed to work, the only logical conclusion is “don’t use Dorico”. Arguing back and forth for ever doesn’t change that situation.

Dorico certainly isn’t either “perfect,” and the current version is obviously not “complete” - but my experience of using software (over the last 40 years or so) is that the best option is usually “just roll with the punches,” not “try to fight the way its designers think you are meant to use it”.

Al’s Sax Duets Full Book10 45pm 21 08 (780 KB)
Does anybody know how to get rid of the last two pages of this attached file.

I realise that I could have done things better with this compilation of flows, but some of them came from my very first attempts with version 1, and the naming of instruments has not been consistent and required extensive copying and pasting.

It’s a bit difficult to see exactly what needs to be done, but basically I think the reason those two pages are there is that the ‘Default’ master pages are set to show all flows, and those flows haven’t yet appeared in the default frame chain that comes from the default master page. I think that if you edit the ‘Default’ master page and use the flow filter to remove those last three flows from the list of flows that will appear on the ‘Default’ master page, that should take care of it.

Thanks Daniel…I’ll take a look.

MR SPREADBURY! You’re a genius!

After re-reading what you wrote…and then trying it a couple of times, I finally understood what you were getting at. After leaving the last five flows out of the ‘master page’ setting (by choosing individual flows, not ‘ALL’), it deleted the mess at the end. These were some of the oldest flows to be imported. I had to manually select the music for Preludio (sax 1) and Allemande (sax 1) because they must have been part of the master page link thingy…But after a couple of tweaks the file is now ok…just need to go through and add further dynamics.

This is one of the main reasons why I’ve invested in Dorico.

There is no substitute for having direct access to the people who are making the product. It’s like have a vacuum cleaner that goes wrong and being able to talk directly to James Dyson.