How do I remove HALion sonic se track

I’m in a project and I have a VST Instrument folder. Inside of it, I have HALion sonic SE folder. Inside of it, I have a track called HALion sonic se (no indication as to what type of track it is). It is neither an audio track or a midi track. And in the same folder, I have a track called HSSE Main. It has the midi keyboard symbol. I’m not sure how these for things ended up in this project, BUT I cannot “remove selected tracks”. Remove… is not an option. I cannot delete this from the project. Is this a permanent thing in all projects? If not, how do I remove this?

I’m running Cubase 12.0.70 on apple silicon m1 mac studio. Mac OS Ventura

It would’ve been a lot easier if you had posted a screenshot.
My guess is that you’re looking at the return channel(s) of a Rack Instrument. To remove such return channels you would have to remove the instrument they belong to.
Is the offending instrument shown in the VSTi Rack?

yes it is… but I could not delete or figure out how to delete halion from that rack…

Click the name of the instrument in the rack. It should bring up a list of all available VST Instruments. Choose the very top entry named “No Instrument” or similar.

Thank you. Mlindeb… that did the trick. I hope this helps others…