How do I remove Halion trial?

Hi folks - Hmmm…having to retype this as my previous attempt just disappeared somewhere…
OK, I had a trial version of the full Halion product / HSO on my computer a year or two ago but let it expire as I didn’t want it. However, every time I run Cubase 6 I get an alert saying that I don’t have a valid Halion eLicence. Later in the loading process I get a large window listing all the Halion sounds that I can’t use (even though I have no current projects that use Halion). This is quite annoying, so my question is: how do I remove all traces of Halion trial software so that it stops annoying me in this way? Of course, I have Halion SE which came with an earlier Cubase upgrade, as well as Halion One.

I’m running the latest version of Cubase 6 on a MacPro running OSX 10.6.8

Many thanks in advance.


Have a look at this thread

There have been many problems reported after folks installed the HSO demo - do a search.

Good luck with it.

At least the 6.5 version now allows configurable installation, including uninstalling existing bloatware.

I used to have to cancel just after the start of the Halion installation.

Ha ha! Quite a story and a sad one at that… I’m not sure I want to touch anything now, just put up with the minor inconvenience. Disappointing to hear that Steinberg have been totally silent on this one, after all, they did write the software! And some of us have been faithful users since Pro 24 days…oh well. It seems that Steinberg could offer a ‘make-up’ for all those inconvenienced by giving the full product for free. Just a thought :slight_smile: And thanks :slight_smile:

One more thing, if anyone’s still listening… presumably if I re-install Cubase 6 then I’ll have got rid of the problem? I guess I would also have to remove Steinberg folders, too. Or are there deep level entries (registry?) that will still have those pesky Halion files…?

Somewhere, and I think it’s in the Halion or HSO forum, but it may be here, is a step by step solution to properly uninstalling this beast - but I think it’s for Mac - not sure if it covered Windows. Re-installing Cubase might do it, but my memory was that I had to manually remove several components.

I eventually got some help from Steinberg by stamping my little foot and shouting loudly in the froum - Tech support simply did not respond.

Edit to say - there is some reference to a Knowledgebase item in this thread…#p66512

but I can’t find it and I think it may refer to Mac only

Edit again to say - have a look in the Halion Sonic forum - plenty of folks still having problems with this on both platforms…

Thanks David - I’ve just spent about an hour trying all that, including the hidden files and…it’s not made a bit of difference! Oh well, nice try… I also deleted any other files I could see that referenced HSO or Halion (not Halion SE). The eLicense alert box still appears on booting Cubase 6… when I go into my eLicense software, I can see that there is a Soft eLicence (SeL) that refers to the trial software in red and the licence is stored on my hard drive, according to information that pops up. But nowhere can I see an option to delete it.

Now, Steinberg, are you listening? Hello, Steinberg? I have spent literally thousands of pounds on your sequencing software since 1988. I have spent years being creative on the Atari ST platform. I have endured the terrible times of Cubase SX and its timing instability that temporarily drove me away from being creative musically. I have switched to Logic. I have come back to Cubase 4,5 and 6… and I thank you for the good times. And I think the new Cubase is excellent, at last. But please, don’t issue software without any means of uninstalling cleanly and efficiently. It just isn’t on. It’s not professional, nor is it fair. Please kindly take some time and resources to address what is fundamentally a programming shortcoming that can only be fixed by yourselves. Because your loyal users deserve it :slight_smile:

I am also trying to get rid of Halion 4 trial error messages and - wow - the last post in this thread is half a year old and no one from Steinberg replied.

If you want support you better contact support ( This is a user forum.

You are right, that’s what i did yesterday. I was just so annoyed.