How do I remove individual file links from mediabay?

I have four audio files that I deleted in my sample folder, but they still show up in media bay. How do I delete them in media bay? I have seen a few threads where people delete the entire Mediabay database and rebuild it, but I’m concerned that doing that would lose all my metadata for my samples?

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A rescan should fix it. Right click in the folder tree. Manual page 568.

Try right clicking on the file and see if you have the option to reveal the sample’s folder. Then go to that folder delete the sample and rescan.

Sorry if I’m not being clear. The files are no longer in the folder.

Rescan does not help. They still show up in mediabay even though they do not actually exist.

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Anyone? Is this a bug that I should report?


It’s voodoo… it sounds like the filenames are stuck in the database, but as you said, it’s not clear what happens if you delete the Mediabay database. I have not been able to locate a knowledge base article that says definitively one way or another whether the metadata is in the files always or just sometimes.

Maybe you can try renaming the the db file and letting Cubase rebuild, just to see if your metadata comes back, if it doesn’t you can just un-rename :wink: the original.

Myself, I’ve indeed deleted the mediabay3.db and saw all my data come back, but that’s not as certain as a word from SB. There are many different file types involved.

And of course, right click and delete? Maybe check the lock status of the files in mediabay?

Thanks Steve. Yeah I can right click and delete, but if I rescan or reopen, they just come back. Good idea about the rename and test. Where is the mediabay3.db file? The other forum post I found did not show the file path…

What’s your OS? Wheres your sig!? :open_mouth: :stuck_out_tongue:

Windows is %AppData%\Steinberg\Cubase 9_64\mediabay3.db

Just out of curiosity, what does mediabay show for the file path to those files?

Updating my sig now. I’m on a mac. It shows the old file path (that no longer exists).

Nice sig. :wink:

Here’s the list if settings files paths:

Thanks for that. So I tried that and I lost all the “various” tags. I put the old file back. I did figure out how to fix it. I actually recreated the “ghost” folder and replaced the old deleted files. I then redeleted them within Mediabay itself. That go rid of them. So the moral of the story is that if you want to delete samples, you should do it within Mediabay.

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You know what? That was exactly my next suggestion. And yeah, that’s the moral of the story. Glad you got it sorted. Little things like that are so annoying. Thanks for being the guinea pig!

I really like mediabay- In addition to using for presets etc., I use it instead of itunes-ish apps to keep track of music on my computer too. (I don’t do much leisure listening, but mediabay does make it quick to find stuff, and it’s much snappier than any of the music players out there that I know.)

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