How do I remove split stems from clusters?


Per this image, I am attempting to use a sort of rectangular notation for piano tone clusters in my piece, however Dorico’s defaults are to split stems with large groups of consecutive altered unisons/minor seconds—even though those accidentals are currently hidden. The aptly-named although unhelpful “split stem” on-off-switch/checkbox combo in the properties panel unfortunately does not do anything to mitigate this. Ideally this would be just a black rectangle from F3 to C5, or perhaps two connected rectangles on either side of the stem could work (similar to the above image, just without the split stem).

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.

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Hi @Adama2k
I am absolutely no expert in such notation…, and sorry everyone if my example below is totally amateurish, and my idea wrong.

I tried a little and made a simple example.

Maybe you can divide the playback of your cluster from the actual notation. Select the cluster and hide notehead and stem and articulations, and ledger lines. So it will sound how you want but be invisible.
Now for the notation:
I created a "cluster"playing technique and used the glyph for cluster that are available in SMuFL, positioned it circa in the middle of the editor. Then I wrote a simpler chord In another voice but same rhythmical position as the cluster (and suppressed its playback), with the desired extension, with some notes in the middle to have some dots. I applied three times the created “cluster” PT and moved vertically to cover the noteheads and the gap in the middle (shift+alt and arrows).

Maybe not the best workflow (any suggestions?) but is something similar as you described in your post.


I would put the cluster playback into a hidden staff to leave more flexibility on the notated staff presented to the performer.