How do I rename a clip in the montage window.

I have a problem that’s bugging me.
Sometimes when I do a replace audio file in the montage window, the name of the original clip remains.
This bugs me because Every time I look I wonder if it’s the correct clip. Also, sometimes the name changes and sometimes it doesn’t. I haven’t yet worked out what causes this. It may be when I have a full length clip and insert spice markers for the tracks.

Is there either
A. a way to guarantee the name always changes to match the file name when you do a replace audio file?
B. A way to change the file name as displayed on the sound file image in the montage window?

Chas Ferry

This has been covered in a few various threads. I haven’t done any scientific testing but I am quite sure that I’ve seen both options randomly occur:

  1. I replace an audio clip in a montage and the new name appears on the waveform and in the clips menu. For example, a file named “Song Title” was in a montage originally. I now want to replace it with “Song Title 02” and use the “replace audio files…” command in the montage. After doing this I see “Song Title 02” written on the waveform and in the clips column. All good.

2). However, sometimes I replace an audio clip in the montage and it appears that nothing has changed at all, but in reality, Wavelab is referencing the new clip. Confusing.

I can’t figure out why it sometimes works and sometime it doesn’t. I understand wanting to keep the track marker name, ISRC code, and other metadata the same so the output name is the same…but I really can’t think of a reason to not change the display of the source file name for easy reference and assurance that the correct file is in use.

Luckily for me, it’s not often that I swap out clips, and even less often that the name doesn’t update. I see the concern with it not being consistent and not always being option 1 in my scenarios listed above.

Normalyy if works if you use this function:
2015-05-05 07_21_48.png
2) and the related clip name was not changed by you before.

You know that doesn’t work all the time. In particular when I"m opening a session that is now missing the older files. It never seems to work when I’m in this situation. It never changes the clip name.


What is needed is a function that makes the clip name match the file name.

Well there it is in Clips/Functions
“Use Audio File Name For Selected Clips”