How do I render 20 songs in a montage to individual files in WL11.1?

I am using WL Pro on a PC
I looked but I cannot find out how to do it.
Thanks in advance…

Do you want to render individual clips as audio files? Or audio regions as audio files? Or?..

I don’t think anything really changed in this area for 11.1 compared to other recent versions, did it?

As PG said, there are MANY ways to consider doing it. I never render as clips because in my workflow, the audio clips are not often the same precise length as the actual CD track, due to song spacing etc.

I pretty much always render as “All Marked Regions” and regions are defined as “CD Tracks”. This makes sure that all the spacing between songs is included in the rendered files.

With this method, and the help of the Render Presets menu, I can very quickly render WAV, mp3, etc. of various bit-depths etc. in one command, no matter how many songs are contained in the Audio Montage.

Image one shows all the options. Image two shows what I use.

I want to take the Montage and make it into 20 seperate songs for streaming. This is the first time I have had this type of request. Thanks in advance…

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Oh wow. I’ve been doing this all day everyday for the last 12+ years in WaveLab. What do you normally render and provide to clients then if not WAV files of an album for streaming?

If you are using start/end markers vs. CD Track Splice Markers, you may also want to be aware of this setting to make sure the space between makers is included in the files somewhere.

I always use CD Track Splice Markers so it’s not a concern to me, but I know some people still use start/end markers and have the silence between the track end marker and next track start marker which is fine for CD/DDP but without the correct setting in WaveLab, could mistakenly omit that space when rendering a WAV of each CD/album track.

Thanks for all the help. Got it done and no problems. This forum is GREAT!
Be safe and STAY HEALTHY!