How do I render in place with a Tempo Map ?

I need some clarity!!!

I’m using a tempo track and a signature track with VST instruments.

Now I’ve come to a point where I need to render in place some of these.

But I am still using the Tempo Track (for other VST instrument tracks). That means the tempo track in other parts of the music could change.

If I render the track events, won’t the rendered audio already have the tempo changes?

What’s the best way to do the rendering so that the audio is still in time with the tempo track?

The first rule of messing with the tempo is to use “Save As…” early and often so you create different ‘recovery’ versions if things ever get messy.

When you Render In Place over the course of a changing tempo, that Audio will indeed reflect those changes. If you then set that Audio File to Musical Mode and set the Track to Musical Timebase the Audio should follow any subsequent tempo changes. Another alternative that seems to me safer is to turn the Tempo Track off and render at a fixed tempo. Then set the Timebase & Mode before turning the Tempo Track back on. Your newly rendered Audio will follow along.

I’d suggest using “Backup Project…” to make a test version of your Project in its own separate folder (so you can’t harm the original). Then just play around and get a feel for what happens. If you are using multiple clips of the same Audio File in a Project, Cubase will ask if you want to create copies when you go to process them - generally you do.

Thanks for the reply.

When rendering in place, which of the options will also include midi event data (modulation) automation and panning ?


Basically if you Render an Instrument Track with no Inserts, flat EQ and generally no other processing the resulting Audio File will be the same as what is coming out of the VSTi. If you are modulating the VSTi using cc and other MIDI Data that changes the sound, those changes will be part of that Audio File.

The options come into play if you are using an Insert to modify the actual audio-signal. Not at DAW to get the proper names & text, but here’s the basic concept. One option is to print the fx into the audio and then when the new Audio Track is created the Insert(s) will be removed from the Track because they are printed in the audio. The other option is to not print the fx into the audio but when the new Track is created it will still have the Insert on the Track.

There are several varieties of the above depending on how much of the signal chain you are including in the render.