How Do I Render Individual Files in Montage? Wavelab 7

I have a 13 song mastering session set up in my Montage of Wavelab 7 Elements with plugins and mastering plugins on various files throughout the montage. i want to be able to render individual files to new files which contain the processing in place with the new files rendered. how do i do this?
I use to be able to do this in Wavelab 5 but since I’ve upgraded to 7 it is impossible to find these basic functions.
Please help.

At the bottom of the master section there is a ‘Render’ button, like in WL5, which will give several options for rendering after pushing it. I’m not sure which functions are there in WL Elements, but in WL7 there is an option of saving to different files. All processing will be done towards the resulting files. Hopefully this will also be in Elements, but I’m sure you can find out.

Hello, you have to use region markers, and repeat the rendering 13 times, only one region at a time is allowed in Elements.

Hi Markino
How exactly do I select the region to define what area i want rendered? I’ve tried selecting the region marker but do not get the render window shown in your screen shot. Ive got region markers set …


Hello, no selection here, use the white markers (open markers panel). Set the Start region marker and the end region marker for the various regions (corresponding to your 13 tracks), then when rendering select “One region” choosing from the drop down menu close to it the region you want to render. To get the render window you see simply push the same RENDER button at the bottom of the master section.