How do I represent minor keys in the mediabay "KEY" column

I want to assign the correct pitch to my samples with regard to the key, but realized Cubase 10.x doesn’t allow for minor keys, or have I misunderstood?

Unless I didn’t get the issue, it seems that, even in C10 (10.0.60 Pro version), Mediabay allows you to choose the key of a given audio file, either ‘normal’, flat or sharp (I guess that you are talking about sharp keys, talking about ‘minor’ ones) :

…yes, but no minor key field if that’s what’s needed.

You could use a custom field to specify that though, if it corresponds with your use-case.

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Yes thanks, it allows for sharps/flats, but not different minor vs major intervals/scales. It’s not huge but still a small frustration because many samples make this (major vs minor) distinction in thier sample tags.

Indeed. I guess that I can’t help you more on that one… :neutral_face:

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Actually Minor and Major are in the Character tag field. Not where I expected…

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Hm, I immediately sense a potential for great confusion where 50% of people would find it logical to attribute the relevant scale’s name, e.g. D for B minor, G for E minor etc, and the rest 50% would just attribute the root, completely omitting the mode, e.g. C for either major or minor.

It would be nice if it was clear straight away.

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The main problem with mediabay is that its barely and shamefully represented. Due all respect with tutorials out there but 95% of them covering just basic on the mediabay without scratching full potential of it. Steinberg is somehow act like they dont care limiting its promotion to right zone mediabay :woozy_face:

Unfortunately there are some things that are not completely ilogical/confusing there and you have to make way around which saying in favor that the @steve as experienced user didn’t expect to find it in character tag field, what less experienced user can expect than? Ofc this is subjective thing but with proper promotion and guidance everybody will be better informed and half of questions about mediabay wont be necessary cause users will be already familiar with.

I still know mass of artists that are still browsing samples through import from pool lol
For me Mediabay is one of the best things that Cubase have to offer and could be proud of.


This was my approach, find the relative scale. But that also adds a sense of complexity, for e.g cubase when using project root key feature, didn’t immediately seem to correctly adjust it accordingly (by not distinguishing between the relative modes)

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Without wanting really negative, IMO too often Steinberg will introduce new features and in a sense never really carry them to their full potential . Just moving on to the next thing.

Thanks, and I agree. I’d like to mark this as a solution, but it still doesn’t allow for correct detection of modes and keys together from the mediabay key field. Unless I’ve misunderstood.

Fingers crossed Steinberg will look at this AND automatic key detection.