How do i reset lyric vertical baselines?

This was an XML import for the first three stanzas, after which I inputter 4 and 5. You can see the lyric baselines are shifted and uneven from system to system.

I’ve tried resetting their position, but to no avail. I can’t get it to look uniform between systems. I’m trying to nudge each system by eyeing it, but I’d rather reset everything to default to make sure baselines are all equal. Is there a setting I’m missing?

Here’s a screenshot (haven’t begun manual spacing adjustments yet):

UPDATE: I used Ruler to manually reset all baselines (excellent tool, by the way), but I’d still like to know if there’s a universal option for this.
Crown Him With Many (360 KB)

I guess, [Engrave > Lyric Offsets > Reset Layout] should reset the baselines. At least it worked for me in a similar situation a couple of days ago. I can’t try it with your file at the moment, though.

Is it possible this is an XML import from Finale, where individual stanza baselines can be adjusted by system? Perhaps that is carrying over and perhaps resetting the baselines to standard in Finale before exporting XML would make things easier in Dorico.

Dan, Engrave -> Lyrics Offset -> Reset Layout worked fine with your file for me. Even after I added two stanzas in Dorico.


Ugh, so obvious, and I missed it. Thanks, Thomas and Martin!

As Backspace resets the horizontal position of a selected lyric, I’d like to suggest making Delete reset its vertical position…

I suggested that Backspace in Engrave mode should universally reset the selected object.

It does, generally speaking. But lyrics are one type of object for which I’d like to be able to reset one offset without resetting the other.

For your own reference Dan (and for anyone else reading this thread), there are a few ‘resetting lyrics vertically’ options that are available. Luckily as well, this is the first result when searching the webhelp for “reset lyric vertical baselines”.

Thanks Lillie. My Google searches for “Dorico lyric baselines” returned no links to the online manual.

I mistakenly assumed that, since I could find any links to the manual in search results, that it hadn’t been added yet. My bad.

Perhaps the simple fact of you using your own linguistic tendencies to search is what produces that “echo-chamber” feel (happens to all of us). I know that the manual is always a bit behind, but I feel like I’ve linked you previously to parts of the documentation regarding the implementation of vertical adjustments? Including recently regarding chorus lyrics?

I think it would be worth your while having a cursory search of the webhelp as well if a google search has returned nothing, as we’ve had a number of discussions within the Manuals team about improving the accuracy of search results and have come up with a way of doing so, which I am in the process of implementing. (Also trying out different variations of the search term, like “vertical position” “offset” etc, and not just “baseline”.)

Right you are. I’ll be more diligent to check that next time.

Or, as was previously discussed in another thread, an alfred/spotlight ability, so Dan could just type in “reset lyrics”, “reset baseline”, “reset layout” and all available settings regarding this phrase and permutations appears. There’s so much to try and remember in Dorico. This surely must be high on the list of requested features.

I hope these tips are helpful! There are always a bunch of varieties of terms in each topic to try to catch a variety of searches, so I just want to make sure people are aware and think to search in a few different ways, as chances are one variation will catch it. (And to make sure my memory wasn’t playing tricks on me, as I suddenly doubted whether you were part of the threads where I’d linked to these topics lately!)