How do I reset to default after a Finale XML transfer?

I know there are ways to reset to default but I am having trouble getting the result I want. The file is a Finale XML transfer. Is there a way to reset a score to default? Right now my transposed score has 8th note flags flipped in the appropriate direction for a Concert pitch score but is not automatically adjusting as it normally would.

If you’ve done nothing else by way of tidy up, the quickest way by far is to go to Dorico’s preferences dialog (on the Dorico menu on Mac, maybe the Edit menu on Windows?) > MusicXML Import, then untick pretty much everything, apply and close, then import the MusicXML again.

Otherwise it’ll be a case of selecting all and using the various reset functions on the Edit menu.

Ah, I just selected all and filtered notes and chords, selected Edit>Notation>Stem>Removed Forced Stems and that did the trick. Thank you! I always forget when importing an XML to do that extra step.

As @pianoleo suggested, change your Preferences>MusicXML Import (untick every option). Then you will never have to change anything in future.

While we are on this topic, since I have already heavily edited this project, I need to find solutions to these other issues. The piece is in 6/8 and for some reason a beat of rest is indicated as a quarter rest followed by an eighth rest rather than the typical dotted quarter rest. Is there a way to select all rests and revert to the default?

Try. Select all. Filter> Rests. Unset Force position and duration in the properties panel.

Do what Janus wrote.
Just in case that does not get you to where you want, you may also want to check the notation options for rests in compound time signatures (thought “Allow dotted rests” is the Default).