How do I restrict a track to a single MIDI channel?

I have four tracks of Kontakt instruments, I set each MIDI channel of the tracks 1-4 to 1,2,3 and 4 in the Inspector. I thought this would only allow note on/off and MIDI CC messages to go to each track instrument on a single channel, but it seems this is not how it works as they all respond?

I tried using Input Transformer, Local, ‘Pass Channel Filtering’ preset to each channel but that didn’t work either. Guess I didn’t understand what that does either.

I’m using an MPE controller, that sends out note on/off and CC messages sequentially, along MIDI channels 1,2,3,4, and each of the tracks then set to receive only on channels 1,2,3,4 I would then get polyphony across each track, if I could get things set up to respond that way.

This is just an example, I can adjust the # of channels and range of the MPE controller. But what I want to do is restrict each track to receive only on a certain MIDI channel, even if the instrument received from is sending stuff on other channels too.

How to do it? Hope I got across what I am trying to do properly.

No, the output routing does not filter MIDI channels.

Then the input transformer “channel filtering” preset is the way to go. Certainly you had forgotten to activate the modules…?!

That was it, thank you buddy, you saved me!

I thought just having the inspector bit turn orange meant it was on, never used it before. Now it work’s just as it should! :smiley: