How do I reupgrade to Cubase 7?

Hello, i bought cubase 6 with a cubase 7 upgrade and put it on my laptop. How can I move the cubase 7 upgrade to my new desktop? I have the authorization to open cubase on my elicenser but no way to redownload the cubase 7 software? help?

You could just download the Trial. It is fully functioning but may be missing some content.
Otherwise, contact Support.


the download for Cubase 7 and Cubase Artist 7 is here: - I would recommend the 7.0.5 ISO (DVD1 and DVD2).

As for the license, if you have Cubase 7 or Cubase Artist 7, you just need to move the USB-eLicenser.
If you have Cubase Elements 7, you will need to reactivate.



i have the same problem, i have moved to qatar from dubai, bought the original cubase 6 discs and licenser but forgot to bring a copy of the upgrade which is on my other mac mini. i have bought a new mac mini here but having installed 6, i can’t find an upgrade either. that link above won’t let me upgrade, says i need an an expanded 7…???