How do I reverse automation lane?

I have an instrument track with automation written in the automation lane. It is in the intro of the song and there is a filter sweep going up. Later in the song, I’d like to simply reverse the automation for the sweep.

Is this possible? I have tried a few different ways. Reversing the midi doesn’t seem to effect the automation date. Bouncing the midi to audio and then reversing the audio also doesn’t change the automation date. I don’t see a solution in the PLE or MLE, but maybe I’m missing it. Any ideas?


I’m sorry, there is no Reverse function for automation.

There is a workaround for this but it involves quite a few steps.

Create a midi track. Copy the automation you want to reverse into automation lane of the newly created midi track. Set up the locators and solo the midi track. Use merge midi in loop. The automation should now be editable in key editor cc lane. Use logical editor. Use midi/functions/extract midi automation. Copy the resulting automation back to your original track.

That was a good trick. It doesn’t work very well with my specific need because once these filter sweeps are converted to the midi CC data they become a series of stair steps since midi can only handle the 0-127 resolution. Thanks for the idea though! In a pinch, it can approximate what I need to do and then I could go in and start deleting automation points.

This would be a nice feature, maybe post it in Feature Requests.