How do I revert to 10.0.40?

So I’m on MacOS Catalina and having some extreme CPU issues as most people. I was using Cubase Pro 10.5.5 but then decided I really can’t work this way so I downloaded Cubase Pro 10.0.50.

To my surprise, I was actually having similar CPU issues. This confused the hell out of me until I read in a post from Fabio Bertolini advising that Cubase 10.0.50 was also a problem.

So now I want to downgrade to 10.0.40 but how do I do this? The Steinberg download page only offers the 10.0.50 update…

If you don’t have it saved someplace then you have to contact support through your MySteinberg and they will give you a direct download link. Download Assistant only shows current version. Quite stupid IMO as we should have access to ALL versions we have paid for.

Yeah especially given the circumstances. And they have suggested to revert back to an older version so at least give us an easy way to do that than to make us waste time asking these questions on here.

I think I’ll just wait for the 10.5.10 update supposedly coming out this month.