How do I route multiple programs to separate midi tracks?

I was hoping someone could give me a detailed description on how i can use multiple programs in Halion 4 but have them on separate midi tracks instead of having to load a new vst instrument which obviously takes up most of my cpu power.

In Cubase, press F11 and load it into the instrument rack. You can have multiple banks, each with 16 midi tracks per bank… A, B, C etc. In your sequencer, just select the bank and midi channel you would like to control from that particular midi track and it will control what you have set to the corresponding credentials in Halion 4.

Thx alot, i’ll try that. I’m on a HP Pc and there’s no f11 button though. is there an alternative or do i press fn+1+1? kind of a dumb question i know ha.


I don’t think Hewlett Packard have anything to do with this… :unamused:
Go to the DEVICES menu - drop to the Instruments