How do I run Padshop Pro on a different computer than Cubase?

I’m setting up a two-computer system where I run all of my instruments on a second computer with VE Pro, and run Cubase 10 on the first computer. I’m trying to move my Padshop Pro license to the second computer while keeping Cubase on the first computer. I’m using two elicensers.

I can move the license for the Pro Extension just fine, but I still can’t run Padshop Pro on the second computer because it appears that the Padshop general license is contained within the Cubase license. How do I move the Padshop license to my second computer without moving the Cubase license?

Thank you.

Hi and welcome,

Padshop (without Pro) is part of Cubase 10.0 license. If you want to use it on other computer (without Cubase license), you have to upgrade to Padshop Pro or to the current Padshop 2.

I have Padshop Pro, and when I move the Padshop Pro license, Padshop Pro still doesn’t work.


How do you “move the Padshop Pro license”, please? From where, to where? What exactly do you mean, please?