How Do I save a project so that everyting comes back

I’m a pro Mastering engineeer who’s been using Wavelab to author My CD’s for about 6 months.

I am able to save and open montage projects, no problem. However the Master window always opens up to the last active setup I had with whatever plug ins I was using etc.

There must be some way to save the entire project instead of just the contents of the montage window, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do it.

How do you save a project so that EVERYTHING you see on the screen comes back EXACTLY the same way then next time you launch that project?

Chas Ferrt

AFAIK Wavelab does not allow you to automatically do this when the Master section is concerned.

See ‘Store Master section preset inside montage’ and ‘Load Master section preset stored with audio montage’ in the lower right corner of the montage window.

I avoid using the global master section and just use the “Montage Master Section” so that all plugins and setting are easily saved and stored.

Thanks to both of you for the information. I will start working this way. I did notice that the Chrystal sampler is not available in the Montage master section.

That is true about the Crystal Resampler only being in the global master section.

I personally prefer to convert files to the target sample rate using something like iZotope Sample Rate Converter which you can find in the Sample Manager app or in iZotope RX bundle. This way, the montage doesn’t have to do any conversion as you render files.

It’s just my personal preference, but I like to keep the sample rate conversion as an external step so I know that the files I’m using are just as I want them.