How do i save drum maps?

Sure someone can help with this…Just watched a cool tutorial on drum mapping, I’ve made a cool map, within a project, and saved it to the project. Is there a way, and if so how, I can save my map so that I can open it in other existing projects using the same kit (I am aware I can make templates for new projects)? In the video, the guy hit the “No Drum Map” tab in the inspector, and a big list of his presets came up, but that doesnh’t happen for me, is there a place I can save them so they are accessable - and so if I have a few varying ones, I can pick and choose - I may not know which kit I want to use when I start a project.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

In Drum Map Setup under Functions choose Save

Yes but it saves to the project, i want a choice of a few available in every project…

Raino is correct. Using “save” will save it to a file. You can then use “load” to load it into another project. If you want a choice of a few drum maps available in the inspector in new projects, load them into your template.

(In the project you have the drum map you want to save), in your drum track inspector, click the drum map, then Drum Map Setup.
Make sure the drum map you want to save is highlighted in the list (left center window) and click Functions (top left).
Click save, this brings up the common save dialog where you select the location for the .drm file and the name to be saved. Put them where you need them.
(This was a little confusing to me at first also)

Like GlennO said, if you want multiple maps you need to load them into your projects or load them into your templates.