How do I save patches in plugins with no patch manager?

In Cubase Elements 12, I use many synth plugins such as the excellent free range from Full Bucket Music. These don’t include a full patch management system, so it seems users must save and load patches using the host DAW. I’ve not been able to figure this out properly.

There is a Patch Name display on the plugin. Next to it is a Menu with Save & Load Program options, which bring up a window for saving and loading .fxp files.

Alternatively, there is the Cubase menu at the top of the plugin, which offers to Save or Load a Preset (not a Patch - is there a difference?). This is in a Cubase list, not externally in Windows.

Using these to Save or Load a patch does not change the patch name in the plugin’s display, which is of course confusing and means users don’t know which patch is currently in use.

Also, saving a patch/preset in Cubase overwrites the patch in the plugin’s own list. There seems no way to avoid that.

Can someone wiser than me please explain, clearly, how to save and load patches in plugins like these?


I would use the Cubase Preset Management to save the presets. Then the presets are available in MediaBay and you can browse them easily directly from MediaBay.

Thanks Martin, I thought someone would tell me that. But that does not solve the problem: saving or loading a patch with a new name in Cubase leaves the plugin still displaying the old name. So I don’t know at a glance which patch I’m using. The two systems seem unconnected.


Yes, they are unconnected.

You can just ignore the name in the plug-in and take the Cubase Preset Manager in account.