How do I save the configuration of Halion 7 that I want

How do I save the configuration that I want H7 to open every time with. I have the screen set that I want but it opens with programs loaded, I want it empty. Please help!

Is this not possible, if so, why not?

Try to save the default screen set with no program loaded.

That’s what I have been doing, it loads with the same 10 slots loaded that I have been using for years. It is suggested that I use single instances of Halion(Dom Sigalis) , as opposed to one instance of Halion with multiple slots. If it would load with slots empty, it would be a time saver. Don’t understand why I can’t load default with empty slots.

This is not a solution. I need help with this. Is anybody listening?

Remove all programs then right click the field where you select multi programs and choose Save as Default.

Doesn’t work