How do I save the master section for each .wav file?

I’m basically a Wavelab novice but I decided I’d try to use it to master my latest CD, mostly to use some of the more advanced metering and analysis capabilities. However, I’m stuck at the start with one basic problem: how do I save the master settings for each track and recall them when I re-open the audio file?

It appears that Wavelab doesn’t have anything like a “project” file where the settings are stored (e.g. as in Cubase). I’ve scoured the web and discovered that this is possible but not easy to do (very surprising…). I’m still at a loss on how, exactly, to do it. More to the point, I don’t see any way to do it automatically so that I just open some project file and the settings are restored along with the original audio (again, like a Cubase project file).

I’ve tried the “Save Master Section Present” button and found the .vs file it produces but I can’t figure out how to tell Wavelab where to put that file - it always puts it in my scratch directory and I want to save it with the audio so it’s in one spot and can be recalled later. I also can’t figure out how to automatically re-load the master section preset file when I re-open the audio.

Any help on those issues?



For the location, see this:
You need to explicitly load the associated Master Section preset by clicking the load button (if it was automatic, what would happen if you would load 10 files at the same time…).

Note that WaveLab 8 has a new Master plugin section, stored with the audio montage, that allow the montage to stored all the needed parameters in a single file. As what you are looking for.