How do I see multiple Audiowarp markers in Project window, but only modify one of them at a time

Hi everyone.
Is there anyway to see multiple audiowarp markers in the Project window, but only modify one of them at a time? I know this can be done in the Editor pane, but with the wave file shapes sitting on top of each other I find it hard to use in practice. I would like to see the audiowarp markers on multiple tracks at the same time in the project window, but only be able to alter one at a time while using the audiowarp markers of the other tracks as guides. I have looked for preference settings and not found anything so if that is all it is then put me down as an idiot once again!
Thank you,

For example: If I drag a warp marker on one of these 4 tracks, the other three tracks will not be affected. There are cases where you want to adjust all at the same time, and other cases where you do not want the other tracks to be adjusted but just used as guides (for example, lining up a vocal to a guitar warp marker, etc.)