How do I see the input value from Line in ?

Just coming up to a year of owning Cubase & have yet to record a single thing, I gave up after a few weeks but really want to have a go at making it work…

I simply want to import a stereo input that is coming into my Line In on the PC.
I see the VU meters on my PC sound control section are bobbing nicely away but I’m blowed if I can get Cubase to show me anything even with the input section set to line in.

If I can get this going I’m sure I can figure out the rest.

Cheers, Woolybully.

You didn’t list any software or hardware specs. So assist from forum members is not going to be easy.

At a minimum, you need to list what ASIO compliant audio card (or interface) you are using. Also what computer O/S and what version of Cubase you have. Screenshots of the Cubase VST Audio System menu and the Cubase VST Connections menu (input and output tabs) would help us help you too.

These are the system requirements for Cubase 9. See if your system meets them.

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Hi, its the supplied software with a Yamaha MG16XU mixing desk, although I don’t suppose I need to use that to get info into the DAW, I’m pretty sure it is AI 8 & I am using a standard Dell PC running windows 10.
I have selected the Line in from the In-Out section, if I check the signal coming into the Line in the PC the VU meters are bobbing around, but Cubase shows Nada.

Is there anything else I can show you? I’m not at the PC at the mo.

Cheers, Sam.

Yes… the screenshots of the Cubase menus I mentioned in my post. :wink:

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Hi Prock, please excuse my ignorance, I don’t have a clue how Cubase works, I’m a thick old guitarist that just wants to lay down some tracks & I’m thinking maybe this isn’t the programme for me…

I have tried to throw an image on using Photobucket, but previewing the message doesn’t show it, anyhow here goes, if there isn’t an image I don’t know how to upload it, although I use photobucket to upload onto other forums.

Outputs say “Not Connected”.

Cheers Sam.

I hope someone can assist you to get your MG16XU mixer set up with Cubase. I am not familiar with that particular mixer and searches about setting it up with Cubase don’t come up with much of anything. Sorry.

Again… hope others chime in here with some suggestions.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Hi, I’m not trying to use it with the Yamaha Mixer (I got the software with the mixer) but with the inbuilt PC soundcard, no matter what I do I can’t get it to work as in-out.

The mixer is in the van gigging with the band.

The audio card needs to be ASIO compliant to be used with Cubase. What kind of card is it? If you don’t have the ASIO driver for it you might be able to download the asio4all driver to see if Cubase will recognize it. You should check in the Cubase Audio System menu to see if your audio card is listed. If yes, then choose it in that menu and go to the Cubase VST Connections menu to set up the input and output buses. The Cubase menus are located under Devices in the Cubase toolbar.

BTW… I too am a “thick old guitarist”. So if I can figure Cubase out then you can too.

Regards. :sunglasses: