How do I select all pitches below C4?

I’m importing an XML of a piano and Dorico often puts the stems for the bass notes tied to the upper staff. Is there a quick way to select all pitches below middle c so I can move them down all at once?

Easiest way is to zoom out, then marquee-select.

Problem is Marquee often inadvertently gets notes from the top stave even if they aren’t selected. Seems to only happen when there are multiple notes dropped down.

OK, since you mentioned that, then I guess I’m not missing something basic. I did it manually and it didn’t take too long, but was wondering if there was a function (other than marquee or adding every individual note in the note filter).

Marquee is quickest. If it grabs extra notes, deselect them with ctrl-click.

Yet another reason why we need the ability to select a passage (or all) in a piano part, run a command specifying a split point and be done with it. So much easier than any option available to us. One of my gripes about Dorico and piano music (especially when importing xml or midi).

Didn’t there used to be a way in like Dorico 1 when you imported an XML it would ask you questions and one of them was the split point? Maybe I’m just imagining it.

see Select note lower than x? - #7 by gratkowski

Ah-using the key editor. That’s a good idea. I’ll try that next time.