How do I send click track to headphones?

I am struggling to find how to sent the click to just my headphones… I have Cubase 8 Elements so no Control Room.
Would appreciate it if someone could explain … a dummies guide please!

But actually what would be better for my current need is to be able to send one track to headphones, as I only need a click to get me through an intro before the drums kick in. I can make my own click this way just for the first section. If I choose the metronome option I guess it will be in my ear all the way through the song, which I don’t want. (?)


Activate the click in VST Connections for the Output bus, that is connected to your headphones.

Well, then create a track with the desired click length and send that to the output your headphone is connected to, just like you send out all the other tracks.

Ok many thanks I will have a look later. Good to know I was along the right lines; I did look at adding an output bus but there wasn’t an option to assign it to headphones. Maybe I missed something so will have a look again tonight.