How do i send midi notes to my synth hardware? help

is there a way to send midi notation to my hardware synth. for reference i have the korg monologue, an audio interface with midi in and out and all the cables. ive tried to set up an external instrument for the synth, and send midi that way but nothing happens. i’ve also tried setting up a new midi device, but it seems that speciffically refers to the controller side of midi, or i at least dont understand how to make it send midi to my synth. ive also downloaded the specific synth driver but that doesnt seem to have helped. please help

I assume in the Cubase MIDI setup you can see the MIDI Port that your Korg is connected to. If not that needs to be resolved first.

In your Project add a MIDI Track and in its Inspector set its MIDI output to your Korg. Now if you have a MIDI Part playing on that Track it should trigger the Korg. You may need to fitz with the Channel settings to make sure everything is using the same Channel.

So you probably know this already, but just in case here is the signal path you need to create.

  1. Midi track in Cubase with it’s output routed to the midi output of your audio interface.
  2. midi cable from audio interface to synth
  3. audio cable from synth back into audio interface
  4. audio track in Cubase that has it’s input set to the correct input on your audio interface
  5. make sure the audio track has input monitoring on so that you can hear the audio coming in.

If all of the above is correct, let us know and we’ll take it from there.

hi, thanks, ive set everything up, but when i press play cubase just freezes. ive tried updating but it still happens, and i can only make cubase work again if i restart my computer

Set your Korg up as slave and Cubase as master…sounds like you have it the opposite way around and Cubase is waiting for you to do something on the Korg(press play, record, etc.)


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