How do I sequence another App from Cubasis?

How do I do this, ie. Cubasis midi -> App (ie. Sunrizer or any of the Korg apps) -> audio back to Cubasis, or is this even possible.

I can get audio from an app to Cubasis through Audiobus if I play the app directly, but I want to sequence it from Cubasis. It seems midi tracks are “hardwired” to Cubasis’ internal instruments.

I’m sure I’m missing something as I see by other posts that people are doing it.


I will do a quick video tutorial on this and post later today.


the workflow should be the following:

  • Open Audiobus
  • Select Cubasis as the Output and verify that Background Audio is active
  • Select Sunrizer as the Input and verify that Background Audio is active
  • Add a MIDI track in Cubasis open “MIDI Connections” in the inspector and select Sunrizer as the output
  • Tap the instrument icon of the MIDI track and select “No Instrument” to unload the internal instrument of Cubasis. (If you play on the keyboard of Cubasis you should be able to hear Sunrizer)
  • Arm the MIDI track and record something on it
  • Disarm the MIDI track and arm the audio track that is named “Sunrizer”
  • Start Recording

Expected Result: The output of Sunrizer is recorded.

If this does not work let me know.

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Thanks Akamarko, that would be very helpful.



You are amazingly quick :smiley: Great work with your tutorials.

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Frieder, when we do this, do we have to play/trigger Sunrizer or other app
from Cubasis controllers? Or can we play on the external apps keys/knobs etc to enter the midi data?

thank you


A big thank you Frieder, that was exactly what I needed to know - works well!! Your steps should be in the manual, would save people a lot of time.

Thanks again


you can save the steps"check if background audio is enabled"when you open something in audiobus because it puts every app automatically into background play/recording status.

I don’t believe that’s the case as I had to turn it on in Sunrizer after following his steps.

Rather than bury this tutorial video at the bottum of this thread, I started a new topic here.

Thanks Akamarko, Steinberg should put you on payroll …


the MIDI-events have to be created within Cubasis (i.e., using the built-in keyboard). However, you can modify the parameters of your synthesizers while you record their output with Audiobus.

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well,it’s working here all the time.Dunno…
And it makes no difference for me if sunrizer is already active or not before i start audiobus.I definitely never have to switch background audio on manually.

Thanks again Frieder. So Cubasis will not record or send the CC messages, but can send note on/off/suss from the internal keyboard?

Thanks to all for the details in this thread, very helpful! :slight_smile:


yes, the internal keyboard sends note on/off, sustain, and pitch bend messages.

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