How do I set all events in a controller lane to one value?

I have an instrument where I want to set some of the MIDI Editor controller lanes (e.g., CC1) to a single value for all the measures. The actual value will depend on the lane, but this is for a composition that’s about 500 measures long. Is there any easy way to do that? So I don’t have to hold the mouse down and scroll across 500 measures?

Thanks in advance.


You can use Logical Editor.

Or you can select all the events (Ctrl/Cmd + A), set the value in the Info Line, hold down Ctrl/Cmd and press Enter. Holding the Ctrl/Cmd modifier while pressing Enter, Cubase sets all the values to the given value (not relative values, how does Cubase do without the Ctrl/Cmd modifier).

I don’t quite understand. I’ve attached a screenshot. I see a value for CC1 in two places - marked in purple… One of them shows the value where the playback cursor is and the other shows the starting value. I’ve done a select-all but I can’t edit either value. The “105” is not editable at all. The “14” is editable but if I enter a different number there it just goes back to 14 when I hit Return.

Ah-haa! The trick is to hit CTRL-RETURN, not Return. I’m sure that would be obvious in some alternative universe but I wish Steinberg would write their UI for the universe we’re living in.

So I’ll mark Martin’s original response as “answered”.


Select the MIDI CCs and change the values in the field, you marked in purple.