How Do I Set Cubase To Automatically Adjust Loop Tempo?

I’m coming from another DAW (Studio 1), where I can just drag an audio loop into a project and it is instantly stretched or compressed to the project tempo. If I change the project tempo up or down, all audio loops in the project instantly adjust in accordance.

I’m thinking of moving to Cubase, but I can’t seem to get Cubase to do this. Can it do this? If it can, how?


Activate musical mode for the loop. This can be done in the pool or in the sample editor. When you drag it into the project from media bay you can activate on of the buttons (bottom right, hover over them to see which one does what) and musical mode will automatically be enabled.

Given the loop has a tempo information in it, Cubase can recognize.

If not, you can define the tempo yourself (media bay or sample editor).