How do I set it up like an image?

How do I set it up like an image?

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You can’t show clicks at every beat position when using the timecode staff, but that’s the only way you can show timecode every bar.

If showing click notes on each beat is more important, I suggest you add a single-line percussion instrument held by a new player at the top of the score order. You can use the Edit Instrument Names dialog to change the name. You can make the single-line staff a little smaller by selecting a rest or note in the single-line staff and choosing Edit > Staff Size > 75%. To show the notes representing the clicks below the single-line staff, go to the Edit Percussion Playing Techniques dialog and set the Natural playing technique to appear below the line. You will need to flip the stems of notes in that position, however, which you can do by selecting them and hitting F or choosing Edit > Flip. If you want to make the notes smaller still, you can do so by selecting the notes and scaling them to cue size using the Scale property in the Common group.

You can then specify the timecode frequency on the Markers and Timecode page of Layout Options.

To show bar numbers every bar, go to the Bar Numbers page of Layout Options, where you can set them to appear over every barline and use a circular enclosure. To change the text font used by the bar numbers, go to Engrave > Paragraph Styles and edit the Bar numbers (score) paragraph style.

To show time signatures above the staff, use the options on the Time Signatures page of Layout Options. Additional options for the scale factor for those time signatures can be found on the Time Signatures page of Engraving Options.

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