How do I set up command keys to open compressor...

Hi everyone,

Things have changed since I posted to the old forums. Anyways, hope you can still help me out like you have in the past.

I was wondering how to set up command keys to open compressor, studio chorus, flanger, etc…

Mac G4, OS 10.5, Cubase Studio 4.52

Figured out a way to do this.

After I have set things manually with compressors, studio chorus, etc… within the VST mixer, then within the channel of the regular mixer, I right clicked and chose to save the settings.

From there, you can set up a command key which loads the settings.

In my case, I saved a setting for guitar, bass, drums, strings, keys, etc… into one folder and I have the command key command+shift+L, which brings up the load settings dialog box and select the settings that I wish to apply to that channel.

This way I do not have set the compressor, studio chorus, flanger, etc… each time over and over again.

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