How do I set up the CI2+?

Sorry, I’m a total rookie when it comes to this sort of thing. I’ve never set up ANY kind of hardware with my DAW before except for a Launchpad.

Just wondering, right from the FIRST EVER moment I plug my CI2+ into my computer, what do I do from here? Are there drivers I need to install? Are the lights on the CI2+ meant to come on? I just can’t find any sort of instructions for this anywhere. I try plugging the interface and the license key USB in but my computer just says it’s installing the device and then it finishes and I have no idea what to do from here (I’ve plugged a microphone into the CI2+ to record vocals).

I know my computer’s recognized what it is at least as “eLicenser” and “Steinberg CI2+” show up in my computer’s device manager…

I’ve been looking at a tutorial on how to use audio interfaces with FL Studio which is the DAW I use (here: but the interface isn’t showing up in my audio list…

I ended up choosing the ASIO4ALL v2 as the input device as the instructions on that website said and then selected “HD Audio Mic 1” from a mixer channel…in short, it’s picked up my mic in some way as if I talk into the mic, I see the equalizer moving about accordingly…but when I go to record, nothing…could use some help…thanks!

You should install the CI2+ Tools from
Restart the computer and open Cubase, change your ASIO driver to the Steinberg Yamaha USB driver (this is the CI2+'s driver). Now all of your input and output audio from Cubase will process through the CI2+.

If you still have trouble with it, what operating system are you on? What version and build of Cubase do you have installed?