How do I shift all notes in the piece by one measure in the L.H. piano part only

My imported XML file in Dorico shifted the L.H. notes of the piano part by one measure. The violin, cello, and R.H. of the piano are correct, but the entire first measure of the L.H. of the piano part is omitted and all the successive measures are shifted up so that the L.H. is out of sync by one measure for the whole duration of the piece. I can’t figure out how to shift just the L.H. forward in order to manually enter the omitted notes.

I’m new to Dorico and have been watching tutorials for a week and trying to practise learning how to use the software. My previous experience with notation software is only with Scorecloud, so I feel pretty helpless with Dorico software still.

I also tried another method: exporting my score from Scorecloud in MIDI format and importing it that way, but Dorico split the piano part into 2 pianos! I can’t figure out how to combine them into one. At least the missing measure is accounted for, but the score is a mess.

Thanks for any help you can offer me.

That’s exactly what the Insert Mode is for.

In this case you need the Insert Mode just for the voice.

This video might also help

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In Write mode I would select the first filled measure of the Piano LH,
Use Edit > Select to End of Flow to select the rest of that staff,
Use ALT/OPT + Right Arrow to move the LH material incrementally until you have positioned it where you want.

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Thank you, Derrek! That was easy to fix thanks to your guidance.

Now I’ve come across another measure I need to edit. How would I go about deleting the excess notes in these chords when it should just be octaves in the LH?

This is how it’s supposed to appear:


For one measure, I would delete the existing notes and just re-enter the four notes needed. You might have to use Forced Duration to make the notes dotted eighth notes. (Just remember to turn off Forced Duration afterwards.)

It looks as if you may have moved one voice, but a separate voice was not moved and the two have overlapped. Turn on voice colors to see if that makes what has happened clearer.

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Thanks, Derrek! I was able to make the edits!
Can I ask another question now? I have a two-note chord and I want to change one of those notes to be one step higher. I can’t figure out how to select only one of the two notes. Everything I’ve tried does the action to both notes in the chord.

Select the whole chord, then navigate through the notes with up/down arrow.


Sorry to come back so late to thank all of you for your help! I really appreciate it. I’m starting to get the hang of it! Have a great weekend, Everyone.