How do I show a continued word in the second ending?

I’m notating a piece that has a word continued in the second ending. I can’t figure out how to duplicate this in Dorico. If I enter an underscore character on the first note in the second ending, I get a little “scoop” character before the continuation line. If I enter a space on the first note in the second ending, it continues the word at the end of the first ending into the second ending. How can I get a continuation line without the scoop character?



macOS 10.14.6

Welcome to the forum, Steve. You’ll have to fake this up using a non-lyrics text item: use Shift+X text and enter the underscore in there, then move it into position in Engrave mode (you can at least flip it to the other side of the staff for starters by selecting it and hitting F).

You could also fake it by extending the lyric “you” into the second time bar, then fiddling with the lyric extender in Engrave mode, I think…

Thanks Daniel and pianoleo for clearing up that this can’t be done in Write mode. I ended using pianoleo’s suggestion of extending “You” into the second ending and moving the start point of the line in Engrave mode. That way the line was already in the correct vertical position (and I assume will move vertically if spacing changes later).

I just installed Dorico yesterday after coming from Sibelius since version 3 or 4. I’ve been following the Dorico development blog since before Dorico had a name. I haven’t been doing much notation the past couple years but I have a project coming up and decided to finally take the plunge. The 30% off sale made that decision a lot easier. After a few hours with Dorico, I am absolutely thrilled. The depth of thought in the underlying design of the program is obvious and makes it a joy to use.

Great to have you aboard, Steve. I hope you continue to enjoy your explorations of Dorico.