How do I show hidden trills?

I’m using “tr 0” for a handbell shake. I’d like to hide the trill mark and line, and then add a PT for shake (“SK”).

But when I hide both the trill mark and line, there’s no signpost. I can click around and make the circular handles appear, but is there a way to visually indicate the hidden trill?

Nevermind, I don’t think my solution works

The answer to your original question is no, there’s no way to indicate a trill when you have hidden both its mark and its wiggly line.

Is there a better solution than the one I’m using? I tried to create a custom playing technique called “shake” that triggered a trill from the expression map, but it didn’t play back correctly.

Isn’t a handbell shake technically a tremolo? I do not know how your handbell package handles shakes, but would attaching your PT to a tremolo technique work where the trill technique did not?