How do I show instrument labels at the start of a percussion part?

Hello Dorico folk!

I am creating a grid percussion part and struggling with instrument labels and flows. I want the instruments to be labelled (either as a staff label or as an instrument change label) at the beginning of each flow.

If I turn on ‘staff labels on first system’, then I get both instrument change labels and staff labels:

If I turn it off, I don’t get labels for flows where both instruments are playing, including the first flow:

Finally, at the moment the part shows instrument change labels when a staff is hidden, but not when it comes back.

I’d like it to be one or the other: either it shows the label both when the staff is hidden and when it comes back, or it doesn’t show it at all for staff changes.

I’m sure I can find a way to make these changes manually, but I’m hoping there’s a setting that I’m missing! Any help would be enormously appreciated.

There are separate settings for instrument labels above the staff at the start of flows, staff labels to the left of initial barlines, and instrument change labels.

In your last screenshot, there isn’t an instrument change label because an instrument change isn’t occurring: an extra staff is appearing, but the player can’t switch from one to the other because they’re being played simultaneously.

You might find it clearest to show abbreviated staff labels throughout a percussion part with lots of instrument changes?

You can also hide/show staff labels at the start of individual systems, essentially overriding the default settings you set for the layout in Layout Options.