How do I show tablature during an ensemble divisi?

I’m arranging a piece for ukulele ensemble and my baritone ukuleles play divisi for a short section.

I’ve created the divisi and unison markers as per the manual, but can’t work out how to get tablature to show for part 2 of the divisi. Is there a way to do this? Or a workaround?

The music on the attached example doesn’t really need tab, but there are more complicated passages that I want to use this for… and don’t want to spend too much time heading down this path if it’s not possible to show tab for part 2 of the divisi.

TIA for any help.

I’m afraid Dorico can’t show divisi for instruments that show both staff notation and tablature, Christopher. You’ll need to employ a workaround of some kind, for example a second player with a baritone ukulele that is hidden using manual staff visibility everywhere except on the system(s) where you want it to appear.