How do I sidechain Izotope Alloy 2

Hi folks,

I did ask this on the Cubase 7 forum when I was still running 7.5 Artist - but the issue’s the same in V8

I can’t seem to get side-chaining to work with Alloy 2,

I insert the plug in on my track I want affected, enable external sidechain in alloy 2 - whether that be compressor or gate, but the sidechain does not appear as a send for any other track - unlike the cubase compressor etc there’s no little sidechain box at the top of the plugin.

Am I missing something obvious or isn’t this supported in Cubase or do you need to do something more subtle with routing to get this to work?

I’ve still got my old screenshot (attached)

You need to be using the VST3 version of Alloy2.

It’s not showing on your screenshot, which makes me wonder how you had it working in the past going by your screenshot which I bet is the VST2.4 version of Alloy2.

Sidechaining VST2.4 plugins in Cubase require an annoying workaround using quadro groups. Thankfully all you need to do though is use the VST3 version of Alloy.

The quadro thing isn’t so bad though, just google quadro and sidechain and you’ll see how to create a new internal input which can be used by the track with this effect.

Yeah if you have to then so be it, but I try to avoid this 10 step process:

Inevitably I just don’t bother using VST2.4 SC enabled plugins, as there are plenty VST3 options.

My Alloy 2 was purchased in the last 4 months - so I presume it’s the latest edition. I don’t see any other versions on the website so I presume both VST2 and 3 DLLs get installed during the install - maybe it’s a problem with my VST folder setup? - thanks I’ll investigate.

Yeah it will have installed when you installed it, unless you deactivated VST3 when doing so.

All your third party VST3 plugins should be under C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 so double check there.

Thanks again - the common files library was already in my paths - what I did was delete the Alloy2 DLLs from the other path they were in, alloy2 was then recognised as a VST3 and the sidechain icone appeared! :smiley:

The only problem is the Alloy 2 SC gate function isn’t working at all - I can hear (and solo) the SC source but none of the controls have any affect - if just ignores the side chain signal but since I bought CB8 I guess I can use the built in MultibandEnvelopeShaper to do what I waned to use Alloy’s multiband gate to do in the first place! I think I’ll boot CB7.5 and see if the multi-band gate function works in there (with the same VST issue fix) just out of curiosity.

Thanks again.

That’s strange. No such issue here.

It was me being thick. By default the gate ratio is set to 1 so none of the controls will have an effect until you change that.