How do I 'silence' part of an audio track?

I’m a new user of Cubasis.

I have an audio track (WAV) imported into Cubasis. I want to turn a section in the middle into silence. Can anyone advise the most straightforward way to do this, please?

It is of the form (approx):

Part A, 1 min, vocal
Part B, 10 sec, quiet
Part C, 30 sec, vocal

Currently it is a continuous track. I want to remove Part B of the recording and replace it with an equal period of silence.

I can select Part B in the Sample Editor using the selection locators on the ruler, but the Erase function removes this section altogether and shortens the track to Part A followed immediately by Part C. I need the period of silence between them to be exactly the length of current Part B.

Any advice appreciated.

I would use Split to cut the audio track into the 3 separate parts, then just delete part B. The other two parts will stay put.

When Cubasis 1.8 comes out, I assume you would be able to leave the audio track intact and use automation to set the volume to 0 for the length of Part B. Not sure when that will be released though.

Just bring the track and bring the clip’s volume down where you want it quiet, from the timeline, in case you don’t want to just delete it.