How do I solo selected events in Cubase 7.5

Sorry if I’ve missed something obvious here, but I can’t figure out how to solo just the events in the Project Window that are selected.

In Logic you just select the events and press solo (or shift-solo to lock). Is there an equivalent command in Cubase? Is there some other way of only auditioning specific events across different tracks. I’ve been through the manual, Googled the obvious terms and checked all the available key commands, but can only find a way to solo complete tracks.

Many thanks for any help.


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There’s no way to solo a part on a track. You can mute parts on a track, but not solo them.

But I’d be interested in why you’d like to do this, what’s your use-case for this feature? Then perhaps we might identify a useful new feature, or point you to another way in Cubase that might suit your needs?


Wow, I’m really surprised. So soling ONLY works on a track by track basis - is this absolutely definite? I used to do this about a thousand times a day in Logic (ok, maybe slight exaggeration).

I can think of lots of use-case when I would need this kind of functionality. I write by putting hundreds of ideas down in clips, and then often have to experiment with different combinations to see what works together. The quickest way of doing this is selecting the clips I want to hear in combination and then just hitting solo. Some clips will be on the same track, so I can;t do this track by track - I would have to mute and them mute every individual clip I don’t want to hear whilst i’m auditioning, which I reckon would take roughly 5 times as long to do.

What would you do in that situation? Not a loaded question; I’d just be really grateful for some guidance on how to get around this.

Many thanks for your help.


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PS. I’ve noticed that when I start editing controller data in the Key Edit Window, that parts gets soloed without me soloing it. Is this by design or a bug?

Yes you can solo selected Events by selecting them and open them with the key or sample editor. Therfore the “S” button must be activated and the editor must be in focus.

OK. I see. I work similarly but I tend to work with lanes, and I mute all parts first and use the Play tool (speaker tool) to audition them as I go along chopping things up. I unmute them and listen to them in the mix as I go along. I have shortcut keys on the left of the keyboard to swap mouse tools quickly so I can mute, audition, cut, etc.

Actually, you could try using the new Hand tool, which is specifically for helping with comping. Use it in Lanes mode on a track, and when you click a part which overlaps other parts it gets priority, much like it’s soloed.

In the key edit window there’s an S button which solos the part when the editor is in focus, i.e. when you’re editing.


Maybe lanes is the way to go. I haven’t really explored this feature yet. Does it give you more flexibility over part auditioning and soloing?

I’ll try and look into it today.

The funny thing about changing platform is that you suddenly realize how set in your ways you are, and every minor change to your workflow seems like a huge and totally unreasonable challenge!

Thanks again for your help.


Lanes is one of the best features of Cubase I think, I use it a lot. By default the part on the lowest lane is the one you normally hear, but the Hand tool is a fairly new feature which allows you to simply click a part to make it the ‘chosen’ part to play at that point in the song. You can wildly click parts while looping say and you then hear through all the versions of your parts in the mix irrespective of which lane they’re on.


Had a quick play with lanes, and they look cool but don’t resolve my clip soling issues. I’m finding it really hard to work without the ability to quickly solo a few clips, expecially when I’m working towards the right hand side of the project window - having to try and select the correct tracks and solo everything on that track is IMHO not as quick, instructive or intuitive.

I’ll put a quick post in the feature request forum I guess, in the hope it might get picked up by a developer.

To be honest, I’m finding similar fairly workflow-arresting issues with the lack of access to midi tweaks for individual clips. Unless I’m mistaken, if I select a clip and tweak e.g. the velocity or delay settings in the Inspector to the left of the Project Window, these settings affect every clip on that track. I cannot find a way to just tweak say the delay for an individual clip, if I need to. How do you guys get aorund this kind of thing? Do you actually move or edit midi events whenever you need to tweak things like this?

Thanks again for the feedback.


There’s a few things you can tweak on clips via the Info Line when you have the clip selected, but delay isn’t one of them. It would be nice to have extra controls available on each clip, put in a feature request, I’ll drop by an +1 it!

As for soloing, I use the S key to solo selected tracks, this shortcut may help you? You might also achieve something with a macro or two…


Hi Mike

One is my request to have the ability to solo clips, the other is for an option to switch the inspector to clip-based rather than track-based operation. I realize this is not exactly how you’d want it implemented, but feel free to add your own version to the thread.

All the best


Use lanes and/or versions. Once you get the grips, either is actually a very quick and efficient method to select/deselect specific material within your song. Definitely quicker than selecting/deselecting individual clips.

Hi, fairly old post but I feel some of the pain here.

Having a large project with hundreds and hundreds of clips, would be great to quickly audition specific clip.

My first thought, - Could there be a function shortcut key combination? Similar to where we hold Alt-key (PC, Windows) to cut and chop clips.

Something in the lines of…:
“Hold Ctrl+Alt and click a clip to audition”?

…and the second thought is to build a macro+key shortcut somehow to solo a selected clip and audition it.
Scratch that second thought… Seems way more complicated than just enabling auditioning with key “9”…